Reptiles & Amphibians



Reptiles and amphibians are very well adapted to their native environments, but that also means that they have very specific environmental and dietary requirements. With improper supplements and husbandry, reptiles can suffer from certain nutritional or environmental deficiencies. In many cases these deficiencies can have a profound effect on their health and be the underlying cause of the illness that brings them to the veterinarian. In diurnal reptiles, illness can be caused by lack of proper UV lighting. Nocturnal reptiles often suffer from a lack of proper supplements. Parasites are very common among pet reptiles. Reptiles who suffer impaction tend to be housed on a loose substrate. They may have improper heating, or fed prey items that are too large to properly digest. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can affect growth, the immune system and the health of various organs.


Reptiles and amphibians have health concerns and illnesses just like any other animals. Medical concerns can come from injuries, parasites, bacteria, viruses and nutritional deficiencies. The types of diseases of these animals are as unique as they are. As members of your family, we feel that they deserve to have the same level of care that is expected for dogs, cats or people. Raymond Avenue Veterinary Hospital provides a full range of high quality medicine for these special animals, including radiography, full lab testing and anesthesia for wound care or minor surgery.


Routine physical examination will help your exotic pet live a longer and healthier life. Reptiles, like any other pet suffer their own ailments, some are preventable others are hereditary. Routine examinations should be done annually to ensure the longest, happiest and healthiest life possible.


At Raymond Avenue Veterinary Hospital, we provide health care services for your exotic companions. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of care available for your pet.

Reptiles and amphibians are close to our hearts and a particular favorite of our veterinarians who have taken extra effort to study the disease conditions and medical techniques unique to reptiles and amphibians. No matter how exotic your pet is, we will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your special companion.

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