Pocket Pets & Small Animals

Evaluating your small pocket pet allows a better picture into the overall health of your companion.  So much of their health depends on their environment, age, species and diet.  A physical examination includes full nutritional and environmental counseling.


Tests can be run to look for parasites, evaluate overall health and sometimes to look for specific disease conditions. Your pet’s samples will be evaluated in our on-site laboratory by one of our veterinarians qualified in treating small mammals and exotic pets.


Many conditions such as minor wounds, can be treated as effectively in hospital.   Raymond Avenue Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options for your pocket pet companion.

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Exclusive Offer

Free exam for all new clients worth $40.

Free exam for dogs & cats only, for birds & exotics $20 off exam fee, only one coupon per pet allowed, cannot be combined with other offers or Itex 

Sign-up using the form or call us at 626-441-1137 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

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