Many birds can expect a very long and fulfilling lifespan, but just like you, a regular examination can address problems preventatively more easily than reacting to a problem. This is especially true when considering that most of our pet species are tropical birds now living in the Northwest.


Trimming the beak with a Dremel is needed for some birds who are not properly wearing down their own beaks or who may have a beak that does not properly align due to an injury or an inherited problem.


There are many things that need to be considered when introducing a new bird to the home to prevent introduction of diseases or creating conflict between the birds. A consultation early in this process (even prior to the purchase) can help prevent serious problems.


Feather picking is a very difficult problem to address with many birds. Underlying causes are often behavioral, but can also be due to parasites, nutrition, lighting, infectious diseases or many other conditions.

The start of a workup is a consultation with a veterinarian, but owners of these birds should be prepared to consider blood work, parasite examination and possibly skin biopsies. Having the veterinarian see your bird in the home allows insight into the normal living conditions that could focus the diagnostics and treatment plan more easily.


Many minor wounds may be able to be treated more easily in the home with less stress to your bird. If the wound is more serious and would require a hospital environment, referrals can be discussed.


Birds tend to hide illness, so often the first sign of an illness indicates a chronic or potentially serious illness. A consultation in the home can allow insights from seeing the living area as well as reducing the stress involved in an examination and travel.

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