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What Ferret Owners Should Know about Insulinomas

Posted on 08-28-2012

What is an Insulinoma? An insulinoma is a tumor of the pancreas.  The pancreas is a gland found in the abdomen. The gland is ā€œVā€ shaped, with one limb sitting along the stomach and the ot...


What Can I Do About My Pet's Arthritis?

Posted on 08-28-2012

Key points Signs of osteoarthritis may be subtle and easy to miss Early treatment is critical to slow progression of the disease Maintaining lean body weight  is absolutely cri...

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Posted on 08-28-2012

Reactions to thunderstorms are not uncommon: loud noises from overhead are difficult to orient to. While many dogs get accustomed to storms (habituation), others may become  more sensitive, resul...

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Snake Bites: Prevention and Treatment

Posted on 08-28-2012

Most snakes will try to avoid you or your pets; snakes typically bite only as a last resort. But while you may wisely decide to simply walk away when you encounter a snake, dogs and cats will often ha...

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Posted on 08-28-2012

Your family has a new dog or puppy.  Everyone is excited. You have heard numerous methods of housetraining your new friend and you decided to make use of a crate or cage, which is ordinarily an e...


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