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Common Problems in Delivering Flowers Abroad

flower delivery
Sending flowers become a tradition for most people. They love to give flowers to the people they love on Valentine’s Day, birthday, Mother’s Day, and others. Even when special people are away, the tradition still continues in order to keep them happy and maintain the relationship. Have you experienced this? Maybe you are planning for this in the near future? If giving flowers to someone is a must for you, it’s better to consider and prepare everything as soon as possible. When having the desire to send blooms to another city, you absolutely need an international flower delivery service, don’t you?

While looking for the right florist on the internet, know three common problems during flower delivery in the following:

The flowers are not fresh anymore

It happened to me a couple weeks ago. My girlfrend was having a birthday party while I was in Japan. Putting beautiful flowers in front of her house before she went working was what I planned for. She told me that she was very happy with that although the flowers were not fresh anymore.

Yes, that’s a big problem that happens due to the distance. The length of delivery reduces the lifetime of cut flowers. Want to avoid it? Make sure you choose professional florists that know the tricks to keep flowers fresh.

The flowers may not arrived at the targeted date

Another common problem is the flower doesn’t arrive on time at the recipients. As mentioned in the beginning, people send flowers for special days. The gift is not that special if it is too late. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, you know that your special one will be impressed and glad to get red flowers in the morning from you. However, due to the late delivery, it arrives at night or the next day. Sounds unpleasant, right?

Therefore, before ordering flowers online, it’s better for you to know in detail the delivery time, transportation used, as well as the policy and warranty. A reliable flower shop obviously does the best to deliver it on time.

You have to pay extra charge for shipping

Buyers are surely required to pay extra charge for delivery unless the store offers free shipping. Moreover, it’s a bit pricey for worldwide delivery because of the distance and transport fuel.  A main factor that affects the delivery cost is the distance. The more far your destination is, the more expensive it is.

Don’t want to deal with this kind of problem? Feel unwilling to pay that high amount of money? What you need to do is finding an online florist that offers free delivery or lets you negotiate the price.

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