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Want to Buy Hari Raya Hamper? Visit Flower Advisor

hariraya-hamperAll muslims all around the world definitely feel happy when hari raya comes in. Do you know what the reasons are? Yup, this is a special day in which people will gather and forgive each other. Besides, they can rebuild and strengthen relationship with their family members, friends, and neighbors. Anyway, I am a muslim. I usually celebrate this special day together with my parents and friends. We gather at my residence and then have fun together.

For hari raya this year, I plan to buy hampers my family members. Anyway, I want to make them happy. Besides, I want to do this because now I work in another city. To be honest, I really miss them and want to go home as soon as possible. To buy hamper, I already shop around, but I still don’t find the right place yet because I am confused. Yesterday, I told my plan to my best friend and she suggested me to browse on internet soon. She also promised to look for the right place to buy hari raya hamper. After a while, she told me that she found an international flower shop, named I checked the site soon and found many hampers with affordable prices, such as: Delightful Season (SGD 96.00), Hari Raya Blessing (SGD 108.00), Feasty One (SGD 135.00), Little Sunshine (SGD 172.00), and Epicurean (SGD 200.00).

Before making a deal, I checked the track record and reputation of this florist first. After I was sure that I did not cooperate with wrong hand, finally I decided to get Hari Raya Hamper at I am very happy because my dream will come true soon. How about you? Do you plan to buy hamper for your parents or special one on Hari Raya? If you answer yes, you are highly recommended to buy hampers at Flower Advisor that is an international florist offering flowers, gifts, chocolates, wines, and hampers for hari raya, Christmas, and valentine day. For offered flowered, there are roses, tulips, sunflowers, lilies, and orchids. Meanwhile for wines, you can buy Australian wines, bourbon, champagne, Californian wines, malt whisky, scotch whisky, vodka, and so on.

Besides, you can find this online flower shop in various countries all around the world, such as: Indonesia, Australia, India, United Kingdom, United States, Bosnia, China, Brazil, and so on. Another best part is all offered products are sold for reasonable and affordable prices so you will not spend much money. Is there delivery service that is offered by Flower Advisor? Of course the answer is yes. You can use this service if you need it. Well, what are you waiting for? Visit this international florist and find hampers that you need as soon as possible.

Flowers for Special Occassions

Flowers sometimes become a symbol of a person for special moments. Why? Since everyone nearly all love flowers. With colors, shapes, and fragrance so it can be special interest in special moments. In addition, the interest that they give special moments usually has its own meaning. Give flowers on special moments make a loved one feel happy because the note. Special moments what often makes the use of flowers. To find out more, following the special moments:


February 14 is the anniversary of Valentine (Valentine’s Day). Nan, for you who want to celebrate the day of love do not forget these special moments are used to give a greeting to the people you care about. These special moments, you can express affection by giving flowers. Flowers have long been used as a symbol of affection. Usually the flowers are often used for Valentine’s Day are roses. To make you more impressed attention on the people you love, and then assemble the rose flower as good as possible.


Flowers are not only used to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also flowers are often used in special moments such as weddings. The flowers used to decorate the decoration. In addition, the interest rate used as a hand held by the bride. This interest rate is called the hand. Interest held by the bride is very eagerly awaited by the invitation to get the throw flowers. Most also the follow-throwing flowers are women and men who are not married. By getting them to believe the toss flowers as luck.


Flowers are not only used as a symbol of happiness of people, but also flowers symbolize one’s condolences to the people who suffered. Wreaths symbolize grief you care for others. Flowers of grief are usually made in the form of boards. If you want more special, you can assemble their own interest this grief by using flowers that is around you.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not a few people who give flowers to parents. Mother’s Day is a very special day. Mother’s Day is held as gratitude for the services mother who has done everything for the kids and this is also a form of gratitude children. Mother’s Day moment is very important for children to be able to confide in their parents. Therefore this moment is very dear to pass up. This moment is very nice used by you to please mother by way of presenting wreaths. To make this special moment even more memorable look for florists with the best service. Search interest also becomes your mother’s favorite moment of the day that you became a very special moment.


Everyone would like the name of a flower. Flower has a distinctive feature for people who like it. Besides the color is gorgeous, fragrant flowers became one of the reasons people love interest. Therefore, flowers are widely used by people for a variety of uses. For example, it is used as a congratulations to someone who came to power, the inauguration of figures. Companies, birthday, and so forth. Congratulations they aimed to give flowers.

Such special moments are usually utilized by people by giving flowers. To add your special moments more meaningful should seek an experienced florist order flower arrangements look presentable.

Flowers Commonly Used as Gifts

Giving a gift does not have to gifts such as gifts, but also with interest. Flowers has a very valid to someone who was given. For example, you have a friend whose graduation, you can give flowers as a sign’m glad and happy for his success in completing the study to achieve a degree or master. However, not all the flowers used in the subject but there are only a few. However, the most commonly used are the types of interest below:


21Roses certainly is not foreign to be heard. Roses are very suitable for use as a gift, whether it’s a birthday gift, wedding, Valentine’s Day, graduation ceremony, and so forth. The roses have a range of colors, there are red, pink, white, and yellow. The flower color of course, have different meanings, such as red roses mean love and love, pink roses symbolize admiration and pride, while white roses mean chastity and purity, and the last one yellow colored roses that give meaning friendship, friendship, introductions, and also happiness.

Orchid Flower

Orchid_Hand_Bouquet_04-bOrchids also has many unique, in which the shape and the color is diverse and there are stretched like a curtain. Orchids also has a variety of types, there are orchids month, sugarcane, Hartinah, Kolopaking uncertain, and much more. Beauty and uniqueness of orchids look more beautiful when used as a bouquet of flowers. With bright colors, fragrant, and soft be an attraction to select it. No wonder that at the opening session or the inauguration of an event using the orchids into things often do.


lily bungaThe lily is also interesting in comparing other flowers. Lily has a variety of colors, ranging from white, purple, yellow, blue, red, and pink. Lily flower arrangement looks very pretty certainly keep meaning in it, none other than the expression could hardly expressed in words, a sense of awe, happy, happy mixed into one. The lily is also very suitable for gift at a wedding party friend, birthday greeting, and so forth.

Daisy flower

daisyDaisies have slightly different characteristics than other flowers, which look spherical shape and bloom. Coupled with diverse colors, red, orange, yellow, and pink if assembled into a meal will be a bouquet of daisies are very interesting. A blend of colors that blend into an attraction for the interest. One of the advantages possessed by the shape and daisy-like blooms, like the sun that looks seem beautiful to look at.

Carnation flowers

bunga-carnationCarnation flower commonly known as carnation where this flower symbolizes affection so sincere and have no end. Of course, the carnation is very suitable to be awarded to a mother(especially on Mother’s Day). The combination of flower color is red, pink, and white symbolizes the meaning of compassion, sincerity, good hope, and also abundant gratitude. No wonder that on Mother’s Day carnation carnation or have become the choice of many people.

Gift flower has a meaning that is not less important than other gifts, is not it? Just a suggestion, before picking flowers, do not just pick the beauty and attractiveness of the shape, but make sure it is also in accordance with the intent, purpose, and meaning flower.



What to Include at CNY’s Hampers?

CNY Hampers2To celebrate Chinese New Year, there are several things to do as preparations. What are they? The two common activities people do in welcoming the big day are:

  1. Decorate house. As a symbol of Chinese New Year celebration, people pay attention to house appearance first .They show the joy and happiness by decorating the place they live in. What do people need for decorations? The essential ones are red lanterns, flowers, door couplets, paper cuttings. The color combination between red and gold is the key of decorating house for Chinese New Year.
  2. Buy or create Chinese New Year hampers. Next, since Chinese people do not celebrate the special moment on their own, they also share the joy to others by giving hampers. They can buy it at stores or create one on their own.

Regardless of buying or making CNY’s hampers, it’s important to know what to include there. Four common things you can consider are:

Tangerine aka Mandarin orange

People put tangerine in hamper since it’s one characteristic of Chinese culture. Mandarin orange is usually placed in a basket with or without other servings. When you are about to buy oranges for hampers, the most important thing to pay attention to is its freshness. Make sure it stays fresh until the recipients get that.

In buying Mandarin oranges, you have to watch out! Avoid buying ones with blemishes and poor appearance. The extremely light size of orange is also a sign of poor qualities.

Chocolate and snacks

Aside from Mandarin oranges, people usually include chocolate and snacks as well in the hamper. Everybody absolutely loves it! People who receive the hamper will be happy. For chocolate, you can present Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Cadbury, Hershey’s, and many more. Meanwhile, various types of snacks that are commonly included in Chinese New Year hampers are cookies, cheese, sausage, peanuts, eclairs, and biscuits.CNY Hampers

Sparkling juice or champagne

Food hamper gift is not enough without including beverages. In this case, people can put sparkling juice, wine, or champagne into the package. Those types of beverage perfectly fit fresh fruits and luxury chocolates.

Remember, you have to make considerations when you are about to include sparkling juice or champagnes in the hamper. Think abou whether your family or friends would like to receive it or not.

Bird nest with ginseng

When considering what to include in CNY hampers, you need to know bird nest with ginseng, too. What is that? It is a kind of liquid with some benefits, such as keeping good health, improving skin, and boosting energy.

In preparing bird nest with ginseng for hampers, you can create by yourself or buying the available one. For self-made thing, prepare also water and sugar aside from the main ingredients (ginseng and bird nest).

Ideas for Valentine’s Hampers

hamper2What are valentine’s hampers that you have given for your sweetheart? The answer is definitely varied depending on her/his need, character, or hobby. For instance, my honey loves cooking, so I gave her heart frying fan, fried egg mould, and recipe book. Meanwhile, my friend who loves soccer got jersey, shoes, socks, and soccer memorabilia from his girlfriend. Anyway, the best of the traditional valentine’s hamper ideas that are chosen are Sweet words sweet boxes, extra-large hand-tied true love bouquet, Indulgence celebration wicker, Jellycat baby bashful bee with heart, and Simply thoughtful monthly flower gift.

By giving hampers that your honey needs, he/she will feel happy and enjoy celebrating valentine day.  Btw, below are several ideas for valentine’s hampers for beloved people based on their hobby or character:

For him/her who loves food

You can buy his/her favorite foods. Make sure that you choose healthy and delicious foods, okay! Here, you are suggested to consider choosing the delicious hamper from marks and spencer, ultimate hot headz chili hamper, or Swiss collection gift bag. Anyway, don’t forget to look for information whether your special someone has allergies or not. If he/she has any food allergies, you must be careful of choosing foods for him/her.

For him/her who loves gadget

For gadget lover, you should give him/her keylight, SEYVR phone charging wallet, water dancing droplet speakers, and power pen. If you have much money, you can consider buying new smartphone, speaker, power bank, and signal booster. In other hand, if you are confused of finding the right gadget for your honey, ask about gadget that he/she wants and needs.

For him/her who loves romance

There are many things that you can choose as valentine’s hamper for him/her, such as: personalized map location watch, love note in a bottle, photo in a romantic frame, his/her photo in mug and shirt, and so on. Whatever your choice is, make sure that you wrap and give it romantically.

For him/her who is geeky

No matter how geeky your sweetheart is, you can remain getting happiness and peace as long as you love him/her sincerely and truly. There are many things that you can buy for him/her, such as: transformer autobot light, 8-bit pixelated clock, an art from her/his favorite movie, Nintendo 64 cartridge soaps, and much more.

Consider what hamper that you want to give for your honey in detail. Even, if you want to give unusual hamper, you must remain considering it well. Btw, if you are keen on giving unusual hamper for your honey, consider giving marshmallow vodka, sleep phones, minibru French press coffee mug, customizable cookie cutter, gourmet popcorn, freeze chilling wine glasses, and bear skin picnic blanket.

Hopefully, you can give the best valentine’s hamper for your beloved one. Good luck. :)