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Sending flowers become a tradition for most people. They love to give […]

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Criteria of a Professional Flower Shop

flower deliveryAre you looking for professional flower shops offering high quality Singapore Flowers? If you answer yes, you have to check reputation and track record of available flower shops in detail and then find the right one which offers friendly prices. Remember not to trust directly if you just read information from one source, okay! In other hand, if you still find many choices that make you confused, it is better to know the criteria of a professional flower shop below so you can deal with any scams:

Offer high quality flowers

There is no low quality flower that you will find if you trust a professional florist. It just provides high quality flowers that are sold with reasonable and friendly prices. This will make all customers never spend much money and deal with any frauds or scams. For instance, my friend bought a rose bouquet last week at unwell-known flower shops online. Do you know what happens next? Yup, his order is delivered too late and when the order arrives at his residence, the flower already looks bad. Of course, this made him waste money.

Have value-added

A professional florist has value-added, like offering other high quality products, like hampers, gifts, wines, chocolates, cakes, and so on. Furthermore, it is ready to deliver order anytime with reasonable fee. Anyway, one of the professional florists which offer delivery services is Flower Advisor. It is an international online florist that is ran in various countries all around the world, like United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and so on. It offers sensational flowers, like lilies, roses, tulips, sunflowers, and orchid. Besides, there are chocolates, cakes, wines, and gifts for your lovely ones. Check its Instagram to look its galleries.

Serve all customers optimally

To be honest, my friend ever felt disappointed and annoyed when buying flowers for his girlfriend at a flower shop. At that moment, he wanted to buy a rose there. Unfortunately, the staff did not serve him well and even he looked like ignoring my friend. The staff looked welcome to customers who bought flowers in bulk. This is similar to discrimination. The staff might not realize that customer is king, no matter how many products that customer purchases are. My friend never bought flower there anymore because he thought that the flower shop was not professional.

Yup, a professional flower shop serves all customers optimally although they just buy a flower. Florist will highly prioritize customer satisfaction, not money. They will give any helps, like suggesting customers to buy the right flowers, writing recipient’s name and address, bringing flowers to customers’ vehicle, and so on.

Hopefully, by knowing the criteria of a professional flower shop above, you don’t choose wrong one and waste much money.

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Common Problems in Delivering Flowers Abroad

flower delivery
Sending flowers become a tradition for most people. They love to give flowers to the people they love on Valentine’s Day, birthday, Mother’s Day, and others. Even when special people are away, the tradition still continues in order to keep them happy and maintain the relationship. Have you experienced this? Maybe you are planning for this in the near future? If giving flowers to someone is a must for you, it’s better to consider and prepare everything as soon as possible. When having the desire to send blooms to another city, you absolutely need an international flower delivery service, don’t you?

While looking for the right florist on the internet, know three common problems during flower delivery in the following:

The flowers are not fresh anymore

It happened to me a couple weeks ago. My girlfrend was having a birthday party while I was in Japan. Putting beautiful flowers in front of her house before she went working was what I planned for. She told me that she was very happy with that although the flowers were not fresh anymore.

Yes, that’s a big problem that happens due to the distance. The length of delivery reduces the lifetime of cut flowers. Want to avoid it? Make sure you choose professional florists that know the tricks to keep flowers fresh.

The flowers may not arrived at the targeted date

Another common problem is the flower doesn’t arrive on time at the recipients. As mentioned in the beginning, people send flowers for special days. The gift is not that special if it is too late. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, you know that your special one will be impressed and glad to get red flowers in the morning from you. However, due to the late delivery, it arrives at night or the next day. Sounds unpleasant, right?

Therefore, before ordering flowers online, it’s better for you to know in detail the delivery time, transportation used, as well as the policy and warranty. A reliable flower shop obviously does the best to deliver it on time.

You have to pay extra charge for shipping

Buyers are surely required to pay extra charge for delivery unless the store offers free shipping. Moreover, it’s a bit pricey for worldwide delivery because of the distance and transport fuel.  A main factor that affects the delivery cost is the distance. The more far your destination is, the more expensive it is.

Don’t want to deal with this kind of problem? Feel unwilling to pay that high amount of money? What you need to do is finding an online florist that offers free delivery or lets you negotiate the price. FlowerAdvisor can be the solution. See the company profile first before you place an order.

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Want to Buy Hari Raya Hamper? Visit Flower Advisor

All muslims all around the world definitely feel happy when hari raya comes in. Do you know what the reasons are? Yup, this is a special day in which people will gather and forgive each other. Besides, they can rebuild and strengthen relationship with their family members, friends, and neighbors. Anyway, I am a muslim. I usually celebrate this special day together with my parents and friends. We gather at my residence and then have fun together.

hari raya hamper 2For hari raya this year, I plan to buy hampers my family members. Anyway, I want to make them happy. Besides, I want to do this because now I work in another city. To be honest, I really miss them and want to go home as soon as possible. To buy hamper, I already shop around, but I still don’t find the right place yet because I am confused. Yesterday, I told my plan to my best friend and she suggested me to browse on internet soon. She also promised to look for the right place to buy hari raya hamper. After a while, she told me that she found an international flower shop, named I checked the site soon and found many hampers with affordable prices, such as: Delightful Season (SGD 96.00), Hari Raya Blessing (SGD 108.00), Feasty One (SGD 135.00), Little Sunshine (SGD 172.00), and Epicurean (SGD 200.00). For more information, also check its Tumblr account.

Before making a deal, I checked the track record and reputation of this florist first. After I was sure that I did not cooperate with wrong hand, finally I decided to get Hari Raya Hamper at I am very happy because my dream will come true soon. How about you? Do you plan to buy hamper for your parents or special one on Hari Raya? If you answer yes, you are highly recommended to buy hampers at Flower Advisor that is an international florist offering flowers, gifts, chocolates, wines, and hampers for hari raya, Christmas, and valentine day. For offered flowered, there are roses, tulips, sunflowers, lilies, and orchids. Meanwhile for wines, you can buy Australian wines, bourbon, champagne, Californian wines, malt whisky, scotch whisky, vodka, and so on.

Besides, you can find this online flower shop in various countries all around the world, such as: Indonesia, Australia, India, United Kingdom, United States, Bosnia, China, Brazil, and so on. Another best part is all offered products are sold for reasonable and affordable prices so you will not spend much money. Is there delivery service that is offered by Flower Advisor? Of course the answer is yes. You can use this service if you need it. Well, what are you waiting for? Visit this international florist and find hampers that you need as soon as possible.

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Flowers for Special Occassions

bunga dihari sepesial

Flowers sometimes become a symbol of a person for special moments. Why? Since everyone nearly all love flowers. With colors, shapes, and fragrance so it can be special interest in special moments. In addition, the interest that they give special moments usually has its own meaning. Give flowers on special moments make a loved one feel happy because the note. Special moments what often makes the use of flowers. To find out more, following the special moments:


February 14 is the anniversary of Valentine (Valentine’s Day). Nan, for you who want to celebrate the day of love do not forget these special moments are used to give a greeting to the people you care about. These special moments, you can express affection by giving flowers. Flowers have long been used as a symbol of affection. Usually the flowers are often used for Valentine’s Day are roses. To make you more impressed attention on the people you love, and then assemble the rose flower as good as possible.


Flowers are not only used to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also flowers are often used in special moments such as weddings. The flowers used to decorate the decoration. In addition, the interest rate used as a hand held by the bride. This interest rate is called the hand. Interest held by the bride is very eagerly awaited by the invitation to get the throw flowers. Most also the follow-throwing flowers are women and men who are not married. By getting them to believe the toss flowers as luck.


Flowers are not only used as a symbol of happiness of people, but also flowers symbolize one’s condolences to the people who suffered. Wreaths symbolize grief you care for others. Flowers of grief are usually made in the form of boards. If you want more special, you can assemble their own interest this grief by using flowers that is around you.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not a few people who give flowers to parents. Mother’s Day is a very special day. Mother’s Day is held as gratitude for the services mother who has done everything for the kids and this is also a form of gratitude children. Mother’s Day moment is very important for children to be able to confide in their parents. Therefore this moment is very dear to pass up. This moment is very nice used by you to please mother by way of presenting wreaths. To make this special moment even more memorable look for florists with the best service. Search interest also becomes your mother’s favorite moment of the day that you became a very special moment.


Everyone would like the name of a flower. Flower has a distinctive feature for people who like it. Besides the color is gorgeous, fragrant flowers became one of the reasons people love interest. Therefore, flowers are widely used by people for a variety of uses. For example, it is used as a congratulations to someone who came to power, the inauguration of figures. Companies, birthday, and so forth. Congratulations they aimed to give flowers.

Such special moments are usually utilized by people by giving flowers. To add your special moments more meaningful should seek an experienced florist order flower arrangements look presentable.

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